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RAM  Viaggi  is  a  small  Tour  Operator  which  deals  exclusively  with  “fair”  and “responsible” tourism – holidays which always have a link with local people. It specializes in Asian destinations (Indian region, Tibetan areas, south east Asia, Middle East), and in Italian ones. See our website for all our proposals, accessing them from our Home Page under the “buttons” named “India e Subcontinente indiano”, “Nepal e aree di cultura tibetana”, Sudestasiatico”, etcetera. Alla these texts are unfortunately in Italian, but if you are interested you are welcome to write us for more details – as our guides speak English.
Below, instead, you find a leflet ( please download the PDF) presenting our tours for foreigners in Italy.
RAM Viaggi has been among the first to promote this kind of “encounter” trips  in Europe (since 1991, under the umbrella of RAM Association, today its “sister” company); it is also a founding member of the Italian Association for Responsible Tourism (AITR).

RAM Viaggi/ Criteria and rules for all trips

We work hard to apply, in all trips, four distinctive guidelines:

1. A human approach (preparatory meetings before leaving; feedback procedures dur- ing and after the trip; meetings with testimonials/communities/local projects during the trip)

2. An economic treatment fairer than usual:  we take local guides, local small scale accommodation, local food, local transports; the price of every trip includes a slice (from 60 to 120 euro per person) to be left to a local development project, which is suggested by RAM beforehand, and it is visited during the trip itself.

3. An approach to have enough time: time is our tyrant. So if the trip is short, we choose to see less destinations, but deepening them as much as possible.

4. An environmental approach with less contradictions as possible: we strive to choose hotels with  solar energy, we tell  clients to take care about our garbage, showers, behaviours, etcetera. We promote compensations for flights.

Our destinations

We have a number of trips to Asia (many itineraries options), all lasting between one and three weeks – the majority of them are in India; then we propose Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Turkey, Syria. We also have shorter  trips to Italy (weekends, weeks), in several destinations with local correspondents – meant specially for foreigners, mainly English speaking. We offer trips for  schools too, towards Italy and towards several less-conventional European destinations.

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